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YARD Music is a concept founded by Adil Nadri and conceptualised by Maria Nors in 2011.


Our main mission is get youths together around music like Reggae, Dancehall, Rap and urban pop. 

We have 27 yrs of professional experience with Adil Nadri professional musician with a degree from the Royal academy of music in Århus 2010 and social worker  specialised in children and youths culture and music with degree from Hillerød Seminariet in 1994. Adil Nadri has many years of experience in tha field and not limited to music, but coaching, supervison and consulting.

Maria Nors background is in digital designs and E-concept development. She helped conceptualise the project with its visual and communication DNA. For instance Y.A.R.D word which means Jamaica that is called by Jamaicans that call them selves YARDIES. In that relation the letters emphasise Y (youths) A (academy) R (Reggae, Rap, R&B) D (Dancehall) 

The launching of YARD music was done in 2011 in Amager kultur punkt and Ungdom Skole where  4 musical projects with different genre were set in motion. Resulting to concerts by the end of the season. We introduced our YARD music concept in collaboration with Ungdomsskole in Tagensbo Skole in 2015 under Adil Nadri supervision until 2017 where we gave permission to the school to use our branding as long the concept and our project ownership DNA is fully respected. 

We have ambition to bring our concept, in different part of the country and internationally thru our NGO Artlantic.

Succes story one of our youth young Cisilia who started at YARD in 2012 became a pop princess breaking all records winning 2 national awards DMA , as the youngest artist in Danish music history (15yrs)  and great sensation hit of the year new artist of the year in 2015. Adil Nadri was her manager under his LLC Harmonics Group.

Cisilia x Y.A.R.D Music
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